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Disco Blox - Choose Standard or Low-Rider

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DiscoBlox this 'coping mechanism' designed to fit any roller skate plate! Designed by Disco Steward, Australian pro vert ramp skater, these have been designed for easy installation. Having undergone extensive trials over many years, they are mega-durable. #Discoblox will support sliding, stalling and dropping in on coping and are suitable for ramp and bowl skaters of any level.

Available in white. 

Measure the distance between the inside faces of the kingpin to determine which size bar will fit. See the sizing charts to find out the size you require.

Plates with a radius (for example Reactor, Revenge and Rival plates) will require an additional radius king pin kit to fit.


If your preferred size and color is not currently in stock, let us know!


The following plates are suggested for Lowrider Disco Blocks (by Disco!)

  • Powerdyne - Reactor
  • Powerdyne - Reactor Pro
  • Powerdyne - Reactor Fuse
  • Rival
  • Sunlite
  • Pilot - Falcon
  • Also, Rookie, Luna and Moonlight (which all have a radius kingpin)


Custom blocks need to be made for (the mounting bar is custom made):

  • Ignite (Bont)
  • Roll Line

*Will need special cushions for Roll Line, Chaya and Pilot Falcon Plates-Please contact us if you need them.*

You may prefer standard if:

  • You have narrow trucks

    You may prefer the low-rider if:


  • You prefer a deeper set slider
  • You have Atom Pilot, Bont Tracer, or other plates that have nuts, spacers, or a flared kingpin base that would cause the blocks to sit lower. 
  • You have wide trucks and do not want the slider to interfere on truck grinds (although you can still 50/50 grind with the regular option, some people prefer the lowrider option for this)

     For more examples of Disco Trux and Blox installed on different plates - Check out Disco Tech's instagram.  DiscoTech