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Sonar Ninja Agile (4-Pack)

by Radar
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Sonar Ninja Wheels are high-performance skate wheels that boast solid anodized aluminum hubs for a great price. Ninjas are well equipped to handle multiple disciplines including derby, speed, jam, and session skating. The Agiles have a lower and slimmer profile that favors quick maneuvers and hard edges. They utilize a urethane formula that is quick to break in and feels great thanks to its responsive nature and the added stiffness from the hub. That hub also boasts a precise 'bearing friendly fit' and even if you've never experienced the struggle that is bearings not fitting in unforgiving hubs, you'll appreciate this perk!

- Indoor Performance
- Style: Jam, Derby, Speed, Session
- Size: 59mm x 38mm
- Hardness: 93A
- Hub: Solid aluminum