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Undercover Joey Lunger Inline Wheel (88A/ 58mm)

Original price $70.99 - Original price $70.99
Original price $70.99
$70.99 - $70.99
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Introducing the new and improved Undercover Joey Lunger Inline Wheels, designed for the ultimate street skating experience. As Joey Lunger says, "The Undercover 59mm bullet radius works perfectly for me in 88A. It's the ideal hardness and shape for my street setup."

These wheels are designed with the street skater in mind, the 59mm bullet radius shape provides the perfect balance of control and agility, while the 88A hardness rating gives you the grip and durability you need to tackle any obstacle. Upgrade your street setup with the Undercover inline skate wheels and take your skating to the next level.

- Wheel Overview: Ultra High Rebound (UHR) Urethane 
- Size: 59mm
- Hardness: 88A
- Made in the USA