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Powerslide Reign Atlas 80 Hockey Inline

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Rule your rivals in the Reign Atlas 80 inline hockey skate from Powerslide. Slide your foot into the comfortable boot with Recall memory fit lining, lace-up, and get ready to play at another level. The Powerslide Reign Atlas 80’s lightweight boot is made with high-quality glass-fiber reinforced plastic that’s durable and provides excellent power transfer in every stride. The Reign Atlas 80 inline hockey skate incorporates Powerslide's patented 3-point Trinity mounting system, giving you a low center of gravity and superior control. The Trinity system on the Reign Atlas 80 allows you to adjust the frame position under your foot so you can customize it to your exact skating style. The Powerslide Atlas 80 comes with Elite frames that are light, durable, and responsive. Complimented with grippy 80mm Lancea wheels and WICKED ABEC 7 bearings, this impressive inline hockey skate helps you play your best when everything is on the line. The Powerslide Atlas 80 - fast, light, responsive, and ready for the rink.