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Eclipse Boot Only - Color

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The Chaya Eclipse is a high-performance roller derby boot, designed with all the features and capabilities you need to unleash your full potential. The boot has a low-cut profile that’s the ideal for intense roller derby action, delivering dynamic ankle movement that helps improve control. This feature-packed boot incorporates a lightweight and durable carbon flex-shell that’s paired with unique mesh-flex upper and pull-through lace loops that, when combined with the skate’s lock-tight heel, deliver superb responsiveness and a super comfortable, glove-like feel. The new shell is made with flex cuts to ensure a perfect fit right out of the box and has a new reinforced and stronger toe, bottom, and heel area. To experience the full potential of the Eclipse we recommend combining the boot with one of our Chaya plates powered by our Dual Center Mount (DCM) 2-point mounting system that allows you to adjust the position of your plate from front to back and from side to side to truly optimize your performance. Of course, if your prefer, the boot can use a traditional standard mount, so you can fit any plate to the Eclipse and create the perfect roller derby skate for your individual needs and skating style.

*Colors are not interchangeable with different sizes.  The size and color are marked and cannot be changed.*

*Please measure your feet and compare to the size chart in the photos or below to choose your correct size.  Every skate company has a different sizing chart, and it can even vary within the same company.*