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Kids XXX Adjustable Racing Inlines

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$125.00 - $125.00
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The XXX Kids Adjustable Skates are aimed to be the first racing skates a parent would get for kids who are willing to go fast. These skates offer the possibility of adjusting the skates by 4 sizes allowing you for plenty of extra time using them. We built what is probably the lightest adjustable racing kids skate without any sacrifice on the ankle support. The glass-fiber shell structure is high enough to offer amazing stability. The skates are powered by 10,3" Powerslide Core performance frames and 3x90mm for the smaller sizes and 11,25" frames with 4x90mm Infinity wheels for the bigger sizes. The shiny pink finish will make you coolest kid in the pack!

Powerslide xxx kids racing inlines size chart

Color: Gold